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    In my free time I enjoy to read, write and watch a good film. I love arts and crafts, beaches, ghosts & haunting's, music, nature, the paranormal, photography, poetry, shopping. As a hobby I love collecting 80's toys such as: care bears, my little ponies, rainbow brite, anything that I remember from my childhood. :)

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  1. I hung out with my boyfriend this morning and watched Kung Foo Panda and then we played WOW. Once I got home I started listening to music and chatting online to friends.
  2. It looked very beautiful out today, so I took a swim in my pool. Then after wards I took a shower which relaxed me. Today has been a good day for me ever since I swam.
  3. My inner child at the moment is very happy, cause for once she can smile and be able to do things she always wanted to do. When she's not happy, she's very angry at me cause she just wants someone to hold onto. She wants to be able to trust people but she knows she can't cause she's been hurt so much in her life. At times I numb my feelings and I can feel deeply how she wants to cry, but she's also very strong. On days where I'm by myself my inner child comes out and I suddenly start crying, she's deeply sad by what has happened and she no longer wants to go on with life until the situation is taken care of. She trusts people who are open and willing to listen to her cause that's all she wants. That's what most people want, a friend, somebody to lean on when she's sad and somebody who deeply cares about her and that won't betray her ever.
  4. Hey Butterfly! I'm glad you decided to join us. She's a friend of mine from another forum and I told her how helpful this board is. I'm sure everyone will be very pleased when they talk to her on here. She's a very sweet person and a lot to give. Welcome aboard hun!!
  5. Hello! I used this forum before I remember, I'm not sure what happened but I'm back again. A few of you might have seen me around already. At this point I'm suffering from depression from what has happened in the past and dealing with what's going on around me. This place seems like a safe place for me to come too when I'm feeling rather low and dealing with my past, it still continues to haunt me to this day. Once I'm comfortable I'll share my story, I look forward to meet everyone on here. I'm a bit shy, especially if you ever see me in the chat room. I'm always nervous what to say and what others will think of me. Over time I'm sure things will get better for me but I need support and I'm planning on supporting others as well on here. My heart is here for everyone that's suffering.
  6. Hello. I'm back again, I was gone for awhile cause I thought things were getting better in my life. Until recently a lot of things have suddenly hit the fan and I'm back in therapy once again. This site was very helpful before and I decided to come back cause I need all the support I can get. My name is Samantha and I'm from Florida, I'll post what's going on in another topic on the boards. Look forward to meeting everyone on here!
  7. Hello I'm new here. I've been through a lot in my past and I really need a place to come to when I'm having difficulties with my life. I look forward to meeting everyone!
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