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  1. Fortunately, none of these things were said by people close to me ... otherwise, they wouldn't be close anymore: "Are you sure you didn't lead him on?" "What were you wearing?" "Why did you go there in the first place?" "You had only been with women before ... maybe you were just curious?" "He's so fine, he could r*pe me anytime!" "He's so hot, he could get it anytime he wanted ... he wouldn't HAVE to r*pe someone." * * * All of the following were said by a former co-worker: "R*pe victims are partly to blame for being r*ped. If I walked down the street waving $100 bills around, I'm making myself a target to be mugged -- just like a lot of r*pe victims advertise themselves as targets." [Thanks for that revelation, Einstein. Next time I plan to walk down the street, I'll make sure to leave my body at home.] "You can heal from r*pe if you really WANT to, but being falsely accused of r*pe can follow you for the rest of your life.
  2. Today: I worked on learning some songs because I want to be in the pit orchestra for an upcoming production of "Hair." I learned a song that I may or may not perform. I'm sitting in the backup band for a musician friend & she has a tendency to call me out of the blue to do a song. So just in case.......I won't be caught off guard this time. I made amends with somebody I treated very badly & we got a lot of things out on the table instead of letting them build a barrier between us. I decided to go back into therapy to deal w/some lingering grief issues regarding my dad's death. As I look at this list, I realize my day wasn't as crappy as I'd thought. peace, ~abbey
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