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  1. I think angelic said it perfect.But also I think one of the hardest things is that even if you report it then it may not go to trial.
  2. welcome, make yourself comfortable and when your ready you can share if you want.dont worry if it takes a little while,it did for me!
  3. why me, or i hope u rott in hell./"yes i know thats six words srry
  4. Their is no age limit here, as long as you follow the rules.Everyone is really nice and supportive.much luck.
  5. Hi and welcome to as.Everyone in here is really supportive and nice.So feel free to talk about anything here.
  6. Your doing the right thing and making the first step to get help.Welcome to as, everyone here is really nice and helpful.Heres to us getting through this together.Hugs if okay!
  7. welcome ....im sad that this has happened to you,but glad you have found AS!hugs if okay
  8. Hi and welcome to AS........
  9. Welcome Meg...I hope you feel free to write anything you want here at AS.We all support you!
  10. Well welcome back...I don't think weve met,Im a recently new member.And Im glad your doing better,and werent permanetly injured.I hope.
  11. I think that both of those are wonderful ideas 'hiddensecrets' I especially like the "diary" idea.
  12. Hi their ...its nice to meet you,welcome,and don't be afraid to share.
  13. I don't want to offend you or anyone else.Because i dont know what you are like.But therapist and other survivors know what to say to a survivor without them taking it the wrong way.So i dont think we should be in a chat together.But the idea of you all having a chat to yourself is a great idea.Thats my opinion.Please dont be upset.
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