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  1. Take it as slow as you want...you have the rest of your life to get right so do it at your speed.
  2. Hi snowWhitefairy, I am a newbie myself - just take your time...no rush, as youhave the rest of your life to sort out.
  3. Adrian


    Don't ever hurt yourself!!!!
  4. Adrian


    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the support so far. Having lived in solitude for so long it is great for so many people to be there. Pity we are spread all over the world!
  5. Adrian


    Hi there, My first post was today as well. Like you I have shared my story with friends and family, but while sympathetic, they do not know the real pain. I am often alone in a house full of people. Take care. Adrian
  6. Adrian


    Thanks to Karen and Mazing. I am as normal as most of my friends accept to be normal, but know that somewhere deep inside me is stolen property. Hey Mazing - I was in Australia (Sydney) last week, so that makes a slight bond. I am not sure how much support there is here in NZ. So far what I have ssn in this site is fantastic. Adrian
  7. Adrian


    Hi there, Have been off work with a headcold last few days and stumbled upon this site as I do not normally have hte time to surf the net. Like most survivors I guess I am a bit suspicious at the start, but there appear to be some beautifully genuine people here, all sharing similar pain. I first had councelling 16 years ago after the birth of my first daughter, when it truly struck me how awful child abuse is. I still have major feelings of depression (good old prozac), low self worth and bad behaviours even though I am succesful in my job and have a wonderful family. Will "survivor" e
  8. This is my first posting and I was quite unsure what to say, but you have summed it up beautifully. I come from New Zealand and was investigating support groups over here, but this site looks perfect. Yes, we all know the pain, and how hard it is - even if I do share my story, quite often people just do not "get it"
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