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  1. Yay, Sunshyne! Even Copper the shop-a-phobe goes for new clothes time to time. Glad you had fun and feel good about them! Thanks Copper, it feels nice to be nice to oneself, lol
  2. I bought myself new clothes! I always thought I didnt deserve new clothes because I havent lost weight, and I always told myself I'd buy the clothes I want to wear once I do, but today I just got tired of looking shlumpy so i bought myself new clothes that are colorful and pretty...because I deserve to wear clothes I like
  3. You guys are so brave! Good job for reaching out for help. Welcome to AS. I'm glad you're here-
  4. I stayed in bed this morning I got dressed instead of lounging around in jammies i called in and listened to my church instead of forcing myself to get up and be presentable to other people i took naps I went to a craniosacral therapy appointment i ate cookies
  5. Welcome- I'm glad you are here.
  6. Dave- She just might not be ready to deal with it yet. For example, I was abused during my childhood up to age 17, and I got some help on and off in my 20s but didnt get serious about it until 3 years ago...and I'm approaching 40 now! Not saying she'll take as long as I did, (hopefully not!)- just that sometimes it takes a while. If it's only a month since the incident happened, it's still pretty fresh. And you may get tired of hearing about it from her in the meantime so you may want to have someone you can talk to about it to keep yourself stable (someone who is not her, that is) Compan
  7. Welcome to AS. You are in the right place!
  8. sunshyne


    Hello! Is okay to take things slow- I'm glad you said Hi today!
  9. Welcome to AS. This is a good place to get support and to vent and to just talk. I'll glad that you've decided to join! That alone was a very brave step, especially introducing yourself right away. Thank you for posting- Welcome to the family!
  10. Welcome. It's good to have you here with us.
  11. Welcome! Reading and getting support is one of the first steps- and you've done that! You're very brave and when you're ready to move forward, you will I havent shared all of my story yet either- There's no rush- It's nice to have a place to go and know that people will understand Wishing you the best
  12. sunshyne


    Welcome! It will get better!
  13. Wow! You are SO courgeous! Welcome to AS. I'm sorry you've been through those experiences but I know you'll find support here.
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