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  1. Gun...bullet...aim....click...fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Welcome Smurfy! Glad you found us. Warmly, yankee
  3. Possum, You have my FULL MY SUPPORT on this issue. TO THE MALES ON THIS SITE: You are my heroes. I appreciate your support of me and woman in general and want you to know I SUPPORT you fully in you journey of healing and transforming. I see you no different as me as a survivor. In fact, some of my good friends on as have been men. So please accept our apologies for any hurt feelings that may have occurred and know you are our equals and certainly stronger than than most men I know. IT IS MY ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE TO KNOW YOU AND WALK THIS JOURNEY SIDE BY SIDE WITH YOU. Thank-You, Possum, f
  4. Welcome to AS, Dare! Warmly, yankee
  5. Welcome to AS, Elina! Warmly, yankee
  6. Welcome to AS, Kara! Hope this site helps you as much as it has helped me. Warmly, yankee
  7. Welcome to AS AlishaLove! Warmly, yankee
  8. Welcome to AS, SilverSkies! Warmly, yankee
  9. Welcome to AS, Marebito! Warmly, yankee
  10. yankees37


    Welcome to AS, Tasha! Warmly, yankee
  11. Welcome quietone76! Warmly, yankee
  12. Welcome to AS, WinglessAngel! Warmly, yankee
  13. Welcome to AS, pinkpeony! Warmly, yankee
  14. Welcome to AS Noozle. yankee
  15. I am supporting Wolfie on this. I really hope you will consider changing her joining date back to her original one. She has suffered so much lately, and especially with the lying issues. SHE IS NOT A LIAR. In fact, she has been a prominent member, poster and supporter of AS. I think we ALL understand not being taken serious or being called a liar. PLEASE show her the honor she so deserves and give her this simple request. Giving her some confirmation and affirmation that will hopefully give her some much needed and deserved peace and tranquility. I hate having to beg, as that is a grea
  16. Welcome & Congrats on the soon coming baby boy
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