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  1. The Healing Quotes Thread!

    I've noticed a lot of quotes from musicians on this thread. Lots of Tori Amos and Maya Angelo. For the last 10 years I've relied on words from some of my favorite feminist punk rock groups. While their words might not be as poetic, when you hear them sung you can feel the energy, passion and urgency to your core.......... "Knife through the heart of our exploitation LADIES ONE TIME CAN YOU HEAR IT Disassemble our discrimination When violence rules the world outside And the headlines make me want to cry It’s not the time to just keep quiet Speak up one time TO THE BEAT" Sleater Kinney "I've been crawling up so long on your stairway to heaven And now i no longer believe that i wanna get in And will there always be concerts where women are raped watch me make up my mind instead of my face" Sleater Kinney The song Reclamation by Fugazi: "These are our demands: We want control of our bodies. Decisions will now be ours. You can carry out your noble actions, We will carry our noble scars. Reclamation. No one here is asking, No one here is asking, But there is a question of trust. You will do what looks good to you on paper, We will do what we must. Return, return, return. Carry my body." I also suggest listening to Bikini Kill - their lyrics are unapologetic and (at times) crude but this is a good thing. It'll make you feel your strength.