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  1. I admit I've been insensitive about others sufferings. I've never gone so far as to belittle another SAS (that I remember/know of) but when I was a teen (trying to fit in/was in denial about needing to heal/depressed) I would talk about others behind their back. I don't do that anymore. I wish I could go back and apologize to all those people I made fun of and gossiped about. I hope they understand, even if they never knew I talked about them. I feel so horrible now because of this. I was such a bad person. ---- "So, are you and Areanna having sex?" Um...mom...NOT your business. At all.
  2. Welcome to my Hell, bastard. I'll laugh when you die. (to my ex) I love you. I'm glad you're dead. hm...maybe I should work on that...
  3. My inner children are smug because I didn't listen to them this morning. I'm wearing clothes that aren't the best at keeping me warm. They told me wear swishy (track/windbreaker) pants, and I didn't listen. So I apologize to them, and when I log off, I'm going to treat them to hot chocolate and cookies. I not only promished them they could wear the pants, I also ignored their warnings about cold weather. So: thank you inner children for standing up to me. I know you were afraid to tell me I and mom were wrong, but you worked past you fear and told me how you felt/what you wanted. I'm sorry f
  4. Thanks guys, but I meant the special ones. "Ur Not Alone" and such....oh, I found them....hehe. "Show All"...now I feel stupid for never seeing two bold words. -MG
  5. I've noticed that a lot of posters use different emoticons...and I can't find them! Help?
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