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  1. :::attn All Members::: Would This Interest You?

    Oh, I wanna try it!
  2. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    Click. Flipped the switch. Get out of my head. Stay out of my bed. Stay out of my life. You're dead to me.
  3. Cussing In Posts?

    Thanks so much for getting the filter fixed. I'd noticed it...but hadn't really thought about it.
  4. New Idea For Sub-forum

    ...for members who miss/grieve/love(d) their abusers. I saw a lot of us are posting topics about that. Can we have a sub-forum for it please?
  5. Has As Been Changed - Or Is Just Me?

    Thanks so much Vera! You're awsome, as always!
  6. Has As Been Changed - Or Is Just Me?

    Don't feel bad Phoenix, it took me years of using the internet to figure that out. At the bottom of the page in the left corner is a box. It's near the orange RSS icon, the first one. Click it and a menu will open. There's the skins!
  7. Has As Been Changed - Or Is Just Me?

    I thought it was my comp! Good to know I'm not the only one having problems. I'll try the other skin....this centered text makes my head hurt. --edit-- Tulip appears fine...but that amount of pink....aaahhhh!! Eye strain! The IP skins (both of them) are also fine. Also very muted--it's blue/grey, so I'll stick with that until the problem is fixed. I do want to point out that that font in IP is small. I have my IE page settings for "largest" font, and where that usually makes it pretty big....it didn't touch these skins.
  8. Work Issues Forum?

    Oooohhhh, I second this! I've gone on several job interviews, and while those are stressful enough, some of them create situations (such as a small office) that makes me panic and mess up even more. I could really use a job....and also tips from survivors on how to cope during interviews. It's stressful not having a job, trying to find one, thinking you got it...and then finding out you didn't.
  9. Suggestion For Chat?

    I think for newbies, if it is even possible for them to have their own color, it should be a choice. Maybe an option in their profile or the chat itself that is set for a month or so. If the mods decide to give it a try, I honestly think the newbies should have a choice in the final decision. After all...they're the ones who will be "colored". If they decide, I say make a new topic asking the newbies to weigh in. Would they find it too discriminatory or actually helpful? As for the male-female colors...I agree with Shido. I think it would become a form of discrimination or even unintentional segregation. I know when I go into chat, I don't think about the gender of the members....I just know I'm talking to other AS members.
  10. I've noticed some people, like me, have been abused multiple times (meaning it happens, there's a time lapse and then happens again) by the same person. Can we have a topic for it please?
  11. A Dragon Saved My Life

    Welcome. I'm glad you found the site and we're glad to have you.
  12. Suggestion: Sorting "new Posts"

    I don't want to search, I want to sort. A way to sort all the new posts. If you click title/forum/starter/the posts would be listed in alphabetical order by topic title/forum/starter.
  13. I've been thinking about this for a while but never got around to asking. Is there a way we can have the option to sort our new posts? I know they're sorted by time ("last action"). If someone really wants a topic they've already posted on, they could go to "my controls" to find it. I know for me I keep my lists of topics in "my controls" rather short...some people might have a long list of topics. But isn't there a way we can have an option to sort they for topic title/forum/starter?
  14. Email Notifications

    I'd forgotten hotmail has a filter option! Ooops! Thanks twitch!
  15. Email Notifications

    So was I. I normally don't care what people think....I can have whatever emails I want or be on whatever (legal!!) site I want. But there are days when I'm at uni and unstable/triggery...and the last thing I want is someone seeing the "other" part of the email title.