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  1. welcome Nyx! i hope you find it as therapeutic to come on here and share your story with other survivors. i know it's helping me to have someone to talk to.
  2. i'm sorry your memories are coming back. maybe it's your mind's way of telling you it's time to deal with them. best of luck and welcome.
  3. I'm sorry you are going through this. I wish I had some words that could take your pain away and make everything better, but I've been having a rough day myself. I just wanted to welcome you and let you know you're not alone.
  4. Welcome to AS :welcome:
  5. hi casper i'm pretty new too and so far i've found nothing but love and support so far
  6. i met an awesome kiwi last night in the chat rest assured they're around welcome!
  7. I'm new to AS. I'm 24 in grad school and was raped by someone else in my program about a month ago. Just posted my story in one of the other forums. It was hard, but I needed to tell someone. I feel like my life has been falling to pieces ever since it happened. It's eating me up inside and I feel like I just want to give up. I'm afraid of telling my IRL friends and family what happened to me b/c I'm afraid of what they'll think or say. Sorry for venting. So...Hi again ... and bye.
  8. Wow, what a guy. I'm so sorry for what she went through. She's so lucky to have someone as understanding and caring as you. I know I feel like I can't get close or open up to anyone b/c I'm afraid of what they'll think of me. At the same I hate feeling so alone and am afraid this is how it will always be. She must feel comfortable enough with you to have opened up to you in the first place. As long as you remain supportive and understanding that trust can be maintained. It's so great that you can just be there for her.
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