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  1. Welcome fallen! Its ok to be nervous, everyone here is, my name is Jeremy, my girlfriend went through what all of you have and are going through, so I am on here trying to help and get help dealing with it at the same time. But again welcome, if you ever want to talk please do not hesitate to ask.
  2. Thank you seckun...easy road or not I dont care, when you care about someone so much you will do anything for them, if that means I shed a few tears thats fine, but along the way I want to help lift some of the weight off her shoulders. I know I have needs to, but to me hers are more important.....i put her before me, because thats where she deserves to be. And thank you Earth, there are a few guys that care....but guys are guys so its ok to keep a guard up, its good if you do because the last thing in the world you need is to get hurt again, that goes for any of you. Take care of yourselves a
  3. Thanks everyone, I really apretiate feeling so welcome here.........sometimes it just feels like I want to kill the guy and sometimes I just break down. Most guys think that it takes courage to get in a fight, to carry a gun, some guys think your tough if you pick on others, even if you pick on women but thats not courageous.....it takes courage to go through what you guys go through every day, to wakeup and put a smile on even when you dont want to, to keep moving foward when you dont want to move at all, tough is standing up for others like you guys do on this site, and through all the tears
  4. Thank you very much Broken, I am trying. She has a habbit of trying to put of a huge wall and try to push me away, but its ok because I know that it will take time but I dont care, ive got time to spare. I do want to support her and I want to vent out how im feeling but also I want to try and help others. This member the other day wrote me about going through the same thing and telling her son about it and im trying to help him because he feels alot of what im feeling. I want to help others not just myself because that isnt what this site is about.....thanks again broken
  5. Its nothing mel...Im not doing anything spectacular or great by trying to help or trying to get help, Im doing whats right, sadly these days people often forget what that is
  6. Hey there michelle, my name is Jeremy. If you read the message titled "Please Read, An Apology" than you can read my story and why I am on here as a guy who has never gone through that, but I do understand. I think it is so hard for anyone to let out their feelings, no matter if its been 5 days or 50 years its gunnu hurt you bringing up the memories and just thinking about letting anyone in to your heart. You are gunnu have trust issues and its hard to let anyone know what happened because they could betray you the same way you have been betrayed in the past. Its ok to cry, it really is, cry a
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, I am hoping to find some comfort star, i think ill stay angry for awhile but helping her is priority number one. I am trying to be the best guy I can be for her....no matter how much pain I endure physically it can never equal what you guys have been through emotionally or physically...noone should have to go through that.
  8. Hello everyone.....my name is Jeremy, I'm 19 years old. I have not ever done anything like that to a woman just so everyone knows, I am on here because my girlfriend was raped when she was 15 and a virgin...its been 3 years and it is still haunting. The guy got away with it, when she told me about it I almost started crying. I felt so many things, anger was the worst, my eyes were watering, i was shaking, i hit a brick wall multiple times when she left, my knuckles still hurt. Often even today I dont know what to feel, everything is just so mixed up. My point to this was that it has made me th
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