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    Music, writing, day dreaming, browsing the net, spirituality, movies, animals, psychology, reading, eating (lol)., etc

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  1. Welcome to AS I just want to say you are very brave for telling us your story. Thank you for opening to us and I hope to see you more around on AS Feel free to pm anytime, if you want to talk. (((Hugs))) if ok? Berni
  2. berni83


    Hi Rock I just wanted to welcome you to AS and let you know that you are not alone and dont have to deal with anything alone anymore. Feel free to message me if you ever want to talk about anything. Hugs Berni
  3. Hello Tears. Welcome to AS : ) Berni
  4. Welcome to AS and thank you for trusting us and sharing your story. I'm sorry this has happened to you, but please know that you're not alone in this and whenever you feel the need to vent, or you feel down or just want to talk to someone, you now have many shoulders to lean and cry on and arms to hug you and ears that will listen to you. Well take care and hope to see you around. Berni
  5. Best of wishes Traci and welcome to AS. Berni
  6. Thank you all again : ) I feel very welcomed and I'm glad I found AS. Berni
  7. Thank you for taking time to reply Berni
  8. I just want to take this time and say hello to everyone. I hope to make new friends on here. Well have great evening. Berni
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