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    Learning learning and learning!!!!<br />Talking and listening.<br /><br />Please don't attack people for there opinions, No one expect's everyone to agree, just respect other people's point of view!

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  1. Hello all.. some of you might know me... If you dont.. I am soph ...Hiya! xoxoxoxox
  2. Hi Nat, welcome to AS sorry you had reason to come find it but I hope you will find some solace here. Everyone is so lovely and always here to listen. Safe hugs to you honey. xoxoxxoxoxox
  3. welcome!!!! This is one of the nicest places to talk and everyone here is the best so welcome ... xoxoxxox
  4. WELCOME KAT!!!!! You are so brave already but you will love it here. Everyone is so lovely and supportive. ((((kat))))) love, soph
  5. Soloko


    ahhh ...all snuggly and warm now..thanks guys.
  6. Soloko


    I wasnt going to post as I do this all the time..dissapear ..come back. But then I thought people wont know who I am and I am writing back to their posts. So I am Soph an old member who has a habit if drifting but always comes home. I am a survivor of CSA and rape. Hope to chat to you all soon... to everyone new WELCOME Love, Soph
  7. helloooo Dawn honey, Welcome back sweetie of course you deserve to be here. you have been missed honey. Soph
  8. Hiya Aisling and WELCOME TO AS!!! I hope you find it as wonderful as I do Soph
  9. Welcome to AS Its such an amazing safe haven. My second home. ((safe hugs))) Soph
  10. WEEEELCOME BAACK! wow great minds think alike hey? We didnt even tell each other we were coming back..LMAO. as Donna said to me..welcome home. Its actually really nice to be back.. I might talk to you lots but I still miss ya! LOL Love, s xoxoxoxx
  11. welcome back!!!!! I go through the not posting thing all the time sometimes a step back is such a relief.. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) Soph
  12. I understand eveyones concerns for Fern and others like her but..this is just a forum. I dont mean that rudely at all but it is a meeting place not a cure not therapy. I would hope that Fern would be able to go to a school counsellor or someone that could help her professionally. I suppose we all use this place as a crutch sometimes but really it is a discussion board and nothing else. The danger uis when a 13 year old talks about abuse and alot of adults cant do anything as we dont have addresses/contact numbers. Its far too dangerous to bend the rules it could mean losing this site for EVE
  13. Ohhhhh WELCOME BACK KELLYYY you have been soo missed girl. I have you on lj but still missed you in here ! xoxoxxoxo# Soph
  14. Welcome Amber, I am glad to see you found such a wonderful place..but sad you had to find a place like this! Its wonderful here so supportive. Hope to chat soon, Soph
  15. Welcome!!!!!!!! I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old. Its full on hey? hahahah Hope you enjoy your time here it is a beautiful and very supportive place, Soph
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