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  1. Hi snowwhitefairy! Welcome to As.
  2. Hi there! I read your post and felt I had to respond. About 11 mths ago we found out that our sons who at the time were 4 & 6 were sexually assaulted by my daughters best friends 13 yr old step-brother. Although these people were not family we had become good friends with them and my dh works with the step father so he had to see him everyday at work(for the time being cause we are having the military move us for the kids sake). At first he would still come around to visit with dh. I had him ask him not to come around because it was hurting me and the kids to see him as a reminder of what
  3. hi sistersue welcome to AS
  4. Hello Rock, welcome to AS
  5. Hi Michelle, welcome to As. I am here because my 2 sons were sexually assaulted last year by my daughter's best friends step brother(13).
  6. Welcome Mysterybounty, I am sorry your gf is going through this I hope you find comfort here. It nice to know there are supportive men out there.
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