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  1. Thanks and i appreciate your welcome
  2. Well thanks, but i tried and last night i entered a room and didn't feel very welcomed at all. So i just left......
  3. Hello and welcome "the child within", I have an idea what you are going through on this site. I too was so frustrated and it didn't help that yesterday I was in and out of tears. I wanted someone to talk to , the reason I joined then to keep hitting a brick wall was not helping. Sorry i wasn't here when you replied but I worked tonight therefore I just got in not long ago. ---------------- Now playing: "Morning Dance" by Spyro Gyro via FoxyTunes
  4. Hi itssnowballing, I don't mean to sound dumb but how do you pm on this website? ---------------- Now playing: "Ain't That A b*tch" by Johnny Guitar Watson via FoxyTunes
  5. Hi ISurvived, I still don't know that i am meant to be here.. all i know is that things aren't the same. My best friend was more or less there but not there and hasn't been there for me. I have no one that i feel i can talk to about this. Then i come here to talk and they won't even let me in the chat room. They make you post 10 or 25 times before you can enter the "precious" chat room. WTF is that about???? By the time someone replies to your thread you are gone and you end up playing 'tag'! Duhh lot of good that does sometimes. When i am in tears i don't want to wait to see if someone replies to my thread, i need to talk then. Does anyone out there understand what I am saying??????Like right now I have answered or replied to everyone who was nice enough to reply to my thread but I am not getting anything back right now because no one is out there. How affective is this?
  6. Yes i think i am having a hard time
  7. Thanks SaraElizabeth, and yeah it does seem complicated. Don't know why it has to be like this. I just wanted to find a support group of people that I could talk to .. and they wont even let me in the chat room... :cry:
  8. Thanks Hunhan. thanks for your reply and welcome to the same place I'm at.. AS Hope you don't feel as bad as I do though.
  9. I don't know all the answers, but I can tell you that if you have not posted enough items you cannot get into chat. One of the moderators can help you with that. I believe there is a thread about not being able to get into chat that might have this info in it. Also if it is a protected forum (as the ones for different survivor groups) you must have the password. A moderator for that forum should also be able to help with that, too. On each forum there is a list of the modertaors for that area.You can Personal Message one of them for help. Thanks melsv for your reply, but I can't even find "help" on this site. I did read something about if you don't have 10 posts you can't get into live chat. What sense does that make I don't know!! I came here for support not to play in a chat room. It wasn't easy finding this thread to post. ---------------- Now playing: "Ain't That A b*tch" by Johnny Guitar Watson via FoxyTunes
  10. Hello everyone (who cares), I am new to AS (as i have seen it referred to) and not very good at navigating this site. I've tried to chat, to post, to read and keep hitting brick walls. I was just about to think that maybe I'm not supposed to be here. But now it's almost time for work for me. I have to start getting ready, you know find something to wear, do the makeup thing, make sure I have everything I need, etc. So by know I guess you all can tell I am a female, right. Well this past weekend ended rather bad for me and I've been not feeling good about anything since then, and my best friend won't even talk to me. Hasn't even asked me how am I doing. I know i can't talk about it in this post... sigh.....
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