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  1. Welcome. We are all here for you. Nerfmom
  2. Welcome. This is a safe place for you. Nerfmom
  3. Welcome. We are here for you. Nerfmom
  4. Welcome. You are safe with us. Nerfmom
  5. nerfmom


    Welcome. You are in a good place with all of us. Nerfmom
  6. We are here for you, welcome. Nerfmom
  7. nerfmom


    Welcome, you are in a good place with us. Nerfmom
  8. nerfmom


    Welcome, you can feel safe with us. Much love. Nerfmom
  9. nerfmom


    Welcome. You are in a safe, loving place. Nerfmom
  10. You have made an important step by coming here. We are here for each other. I am so glad that I found this site as well. I was really scared and nervous and felt so alone until I came here, just a few days ago. Hugs and Kisses. Nerfmom
  11. I am also new here. It is a good place for us to be. The encouragement of the other members is great. It feels like one big HUG! You are in a safe, loving place to be. Much to you. Nerfmom
  12. I am overwhelmed! Thank you so much!!! Much to you all. Nerfmom
  13. I think that this old guy is probably a coward and is afraid of what I will do, i.e. call the police the next time he comes near me. He has been away, so he doesn't know that I discovered that he is a convicted sex offender. When he finds out that people here in our complex know what he is, I think HE will be the scared one. But, I am not going to hide from him any longer.
  14. Thank you everyone, I feel better already. Nerfmom
  15. Thank you! Right now, the management company of the apartment complex doesn't want to get involved. I think that as more women speak up, they may end up having to evict him. His original crime was against a child. I don't know if he had more than one conviction or not. When he returns tomorrow from his trip, he is going to find that many people here are aware of him and his assaults against women. As I talk to other woman here, there will be more who come forward with reports on his actions. I am not going to be afraid of him. I hid out in my apartment for about a month, but I refuse t
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