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  1. I so needed to hear this right now... Neelia - I couldn't have said it any other way about myself than what you have said. In church not long ago, my minister was giving examples of traumatic incidences from which some might struggle to regain emotional freedom. He used the R word, describing it as a brutal attack and for the rest of the sermon I could barely breathe. Afterward, I wondered at my reaction, why it was such a big deal and what actually made my R a big deal and why it would be considered a brutal attack. I had convinced myself that I had been overreacting, my PTSD was just me bei
  2. samcam


    I figured it was time I introduced myself...My name is Samantha (samcam) and I am a now single Mom of two beautiful boys, a 5 yr old and a 9 yr old who has Autism (Husband left within weeks of diagnosis.) What brought me here was something I managed to lock away since it happened 15 yrs ago, when I was 20. I had actually gone as far as pressing charges but in the end blacked out in the prosecutor's office so it was decided not to go ahead. As I was helped out the door that day I began to lock it all away...until just a few weeks ago when it clawed its way back out. I am a woman of faith tha
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