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  1. Hello Cantasleepa! Welcome to A.S. This is a very supportive place for all types of survivors!!! I truly believe you will find some help, advice, insight, support, or whatever your looking for. Take care & I look forward to seeing you post on the boards!!!
  2. Hello Teachergirl! Welcome to A.S. I'm sorry for everything your going thru!! When it rains, it pours, doesn't it?!?!? I've been thru a miscarriage (with a D&C) & I am a survivor of Incest from my father as well. Sounds like we've got some stuff in common. Glad your here!
  3. Damagedmask Hello, we haven't met, I'm new, my name is Angie. I was just in a bad car accident January 22nd. I've been in physical therapy 3x's a week for almost 2 full months. Your accident sounded bad!! I noticed your from Michigan, so don't you hate the "Michigan No-Fault Law". I do. My accident was totally this guys fault who was busy drinking his coffee to see me at a complete stop on a road (not even at a stop/light/or sign) waiting to turn left. Anyway, he pretty much gets away with it. I have bitter feelings about my accident cause since then I've been put thru more hell. Anyway
  4. Hello! Welcome to A.S. I'm so sorry for people leaving you when you need them most!!!! I'm also sorry for what happened to you. I know your sad right now, but I wish to tell you that you will find some comfort here in many different ways. Everyone here is very nice & not judgemental at all. I hope you will find some much needed support on here when your ready to talk/share your feelings/thoughts/emotions, etc. Take Care!
  5. Welcome To A.S. Sorry for what brought you here. This is a great place to get some support for what your going thru. There's alot of people on here that feel the same way you do. I hope it helps you knowing that your not alone. Whenever your comfortable....share whatever you'd like. There is no preasure on this website! I have PTSD as well, so I have an idea of what your going thru. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi & Welcome!!!
  6. Hi Brit! Welcome to A.S. or as I like to call it...."The right place to be". Glad your here, but sorry for the reason! Take Care!
  7. Hi & Welcome to A.S. You took a great first step in confiding in your friend. The 1st step is always the hardest & you got that one over with. Now your 2nd step, is here with a great group of people who can relate or atleast support you. I wish you well & always have a listening ear if needed! I'm a "Survivor" of Incest. Take Care......
  8. Hi Esyntha! Welcome to the site of A.S. Were here for you whenever your ready! You will feel comfortable here because everyone is nice & supportive! Take Care!
  9. Hi Choc! Welcome to a great new group of friends & supporters! Were here when your ready....... The Child Within
  10. You came to the right place to put your voice out there. It's safe here. Lots of good, nice people, with great intentions to help if they can. Welcome to A.S. Sorry about your Anniversary & the triggers that came with it. Take Care!
  11. Hi, & Welcome to A.S.!!!!! You came to the right place to give or take advice, help, listening, etc!!!!!
  12. Hello!! Welcome to a great place of supportive listeners/helpers, etc. Take your time & look around, there's lots of nice people on here
  13. Hi Jada! Welcome to a great supportive group!! When your ready, we are all here for you! Take Care!
  14. Hello & Welcome to A.S.!! Just take your time & you will ease into it at your convenience. There is no presure on this website! Take Care!!!
  15. Hi TLC! Welcome to A.S. I'm sure you'll find the support your looking for in this nice online group!
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