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  1. Hi all, I was not here since ages and there was a good reason for that. I needed to change my T. as not everything was going like it should be...... I've found the perfect T for me now and we have sessions together since 5 months. It was a very hard time and first thing I had to do was - No Forum. I missed all of you here soooooooo much. You all here gave me big support and new hope - but this step was something I needed to do on my own and just for me. When I look back now - i can see a very deep valley behind me. I went through and am on the way to the top of the mountain called heali
  2. Hi and welcome to AS I am very sorry about the reason brought you to us too, but I am also glad, that you found us We are all here for you.
  3. Hi Lauren and welcome to AS take your time with posting here. there is no rush to do. Hope you will find this wonderful place here as much supportive as i do. looking forward to see you around the board when you are ready. chance
  4. Hi June and welcome to AS take your time and look around. no rush to post
  5. takeachance


    Hi hoping and welcome to AS i am glad, that you found us. hope to see you around the board
  6. Hi Eljana and welcome to AS. I am sorry to hear the reasons bringing you to us, but i am glad that you found us. This is a save heaven here. Hope you will find the support you need. Reach out for support when ever you need. :hug: take care chance
  7. Hi Kayla welcome to AS. I am glad, that you found us. I look forward to see you around the board take care chance
  8. and welcome to AS We are glad to have you here. hope to see you around the board
  9. and Welcome to AS I am very new here as well. Hope you will find this place as much supportive as i do I am really glad, that ou found us. we are all here for you
  10. celticwitch Welcome to AS. I am new here as well. Hope i will see you around the board. Lots of :hug: 's for now (if ok) chance
  11. you are all so nice here. Thanks again. I really feel very welcome here. I was looking aroud now and saw so much postings. It feels good, that there is no judging in here and it feels save. I'm looking forward to getting you all know a bit better chance
  12. thanks everybody for this cordially reception here. Hope its ok if i look around a bit before i start posting. chance
  13. Hi Everybody, I just arrived here and would like to say hello. English is not my first language, but hope this will be ok. I'm a CSA survivor, 31 years old now and glad, that I've found you. This board looks very helpful so i would like to "take the chance" to find some support here - and maybe give something back one day. But for the beginning now just a simple Hello.
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