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  1. And quite an accomplishment to be proud of. Welcome!
  2. I guess I'm here to share, look for people who have had similar experiences, and just to see how everyone gets through this. My abuse occurred when I was around 8 years old by a "friend" who was about the same age. The weird part of the whole thing is that I didn't consciously remember this abuse until several months ago, at the age of 23. I had always felt insecure, scared, numb, but never knew where it came from. I was wondering if anyone else had this sort of "awakening" after that long of a period of time? It came as a very vivid flashback in the middle of an unrelated discussion with my (now ex) boyfriend. I find even after admitting that this happened to myself, I still tend to block out the entire memory quite often. I tried therapy for a few weeks but just couldn't connect with the therapist. I found myself getting angry and absolutely hating that feeling. I know that I have a big issue with allowing myself to feel anger, I just don't know how to get past it. Any sharing of similar experiences or advice on how to heal is appreciated. Be well.
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