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  1. Hi. I am trying to get my thoughts flow moving.... life's journey into oneself is interesting....if not frustrating.... I have through the years luckily fallen into surrendering everything into it's right time......allowing for healing.....sometimes things shift and I have no sense of what happened, other than a shift occurred. I try to let my heart guide me and leave the brain out of a lot of things.....it's going to be there, but, let the healing be through the heart.......for me holding my child....teary eyes at this moment....is an act of love....bringing all of me into all of me...there are so many levels of self and so many years......I try to allow my heart to lead the healing.... Peace and Blessings in your Journey...........J
  2. riverkid


    Hello Tracey. Scared? We know how you feel. You will find a lot of love, hugs, and understanding here. Glad to meet you. Peace
  3. My inner child, when I first met him was a little rodent. Similar to a hedgehog. In a dream, in the basement of my house. When I had tried to catch him to place him outside, the defensive smell that he let out was terrible. I awoke from that dream with the smell still in my nostrils and it took a while to go away. I later had the feel that he just wanted to stay there and not be bothered and play with all the dustballs. To stay there and not be bothered. To late. I started trying to give and hold him in love. Thinking so far back still brings a smile and teary eyes, he's still loved, if just the memory. He is still here, just growing up a little at a time.
  4. Hey, it's good to see you here. It's tough being a guy going through our processes. We have it no different from the women.......we are all human and have to go through it. It is difficult when, as a guy, speaking we have to be aware of our words, our thoughts here. I do not want anything I say to hurt another. But we have our pains too. Our processes. Some of the most powerful thoughts that are reflective, for me, are how we as human beings, have suffered at the hands of others and the destruction that others have caused in lives here and those not here yet. Keep coming back........riverkid
  5. riverkid


    Hello Everyone who looks. I saw info of this place at another site and had to check it out. seems like some really good energies here. Beginning to find my way around and get the feel of things. The first Forum I looked at stirred up stuff....stuff to work with. I always look within and see how I respond to things............I believe there is a great healing here for me....Peace to us all.
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