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  1. "Friends": "That's not rape." "If you don't tell me everything, how can I believe you?" "Then why do girls wear clothes like that if they don't want the attention?" "Why were you with him?" ("with" as in "dating") Mom, before it happened (still haven't told her because of this): "Justin (previous boyfriend) wasn't the problem, you are!" (about my apparent "sexual promiscuity") Mom, years afterward: "Yeah, but you think everything down there hurts." (about vaginismus and annual exams)
  2. Random, possibly stupid question. I keep seeing people posting things like "my T" and I've been seeing a T." What does the T stand for? And why are we not typing the whole thing?
  3. I think there's a board entirely for men, actually, but I'm also a newbie here so I haven't looked at everything yet. You'll find others like you, I'm sure, and i don't think you need to feel embarrassed at all that it's your dad. If you look around, you'll see that that story is common, and all too often it's much more painful than embarrassing.
  4. Welcome! No need to be embarrassed on AS, I admire your courage! I didn't tell a soul until about a year afterward. To be a guy and tell people about it so soon is truly admirable.
  5. Hi all, I just joined the other day, but I'm still contemplating posting my story. Talking about it via internet is much easier, of course, but it's likely to be triggering since I absolutely refuse to use any sort of euphemisms. We deserve to be able to tell our stories the way they really happened, and tell everyone exactly what kind of monsters these guys (or girls) are. I know how it feels to be triggered, though, so I'm hesitant to post at all. And anyway, my story is by no means as horrible as some of the things I've read on here, so maybe I don't absolutely have to post. I deeply respe
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