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  1. Thanks everybody! You're all so nice...I feel really welcome. Plus, some of these crazy icons really make me laugh.LOL I haven't done that for a while...so thanks. Talk to you all soon. Big hugs, larissa
  2. Hi everyone:) Well, I'm not sure how to start, so I'll just dive in... I'm just out of a disaster of a marriage to an Australian. He is completely pathological, only I wasn't aware of what's wrong with him until after I moved down there and was engaged to him. Verbal abuse, and then physical and sexual. It was terrible. I wound up being held prisoner for nearly 3 months before I escaped finally. I'm in therapy and on meds, and am improving...I've been home a few months. I still fall apart frequently though, but try really hard to keep it together. My big problem that I can't get resolved, well besides all the others, is the damage from the sexual assaults. He used to hurt me on a daily basis and I still suffer from it. I dress differently now, I act differently now, and I have mini-freak outs for seemingly no reason. Alot of my acting weird comes from having been sexually abused by him, but people seem to not get that...it's like because I seem better, and through alot of the trauma, I should be back to my old self...wearing tight clothes, etc. But I'm not me. I hope that by being here, people can maybe offer me some tips on how to get over it, and wow--it's super just having people to talk to who have been through the same thing, because sometimes I feel like nobody understands me. And maybe I can help other people too who need encouragement:) So, that's me. Hugs to everyone, Larissa
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