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  1. Sleepz


    Thank you all for the welcome, an kind words. It really kinda makes it feel like home in a sense
  2. Sleepz


    Thank you all for the welcoming.
  3. Sleepz


    My names Mikey, I'm twenty years old. I come off as a really happy person at first, smile alot in public an can socialize with anyone relatively easy. Though truth be told, I don't share one common interest in people for the most part. This could mainly have to do from the fact that I don't hold many interest anymore. I used to think it never really effected me, but just a few days ago I was laying down an couldn't stop wondering why it felt like my soul was in fragments. Only able to mainly feel pain, sadness, regret, anger, an numbness. I thought back, an tried to remember the last time I truly felt alive. Sadly all I came up with is a dream from when I was just a teenager, its amazing to think in last thirteen years I felt completely alone. So here I am opening myself up an trying something new.
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