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    Well, belying my name - am not allsmiles, but it's been my username for so many message boards, that's a hard habit to break. On a search of the interweb for some answers, help, stories, I've found you all. I am a survivor - I never really thought of myself like that, but I guess that's the best descriptor there is. I'm 37, married 4yrs to a wonderful man that tries so hard to be patient and understanding and a new mother to a gorgeous 10 month old daughter. I feel like she is my anchor to happiness some days when all else is hopeless. I'm so glad to be here... and I'm sure that I'll come to discover new things, start healing (for real this time) and make some new friends. I'm so sad to be here too. I'm sad that anyone of us is here. But hopefully I can help some people along the way while I get to know you all. allsmiles
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