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  1. thank you all again for all of your support. I am thinking of telling my teacher next wednesday, but i'm not sure yet. You all have made me feel so welcomed, and i appreciate it so much. Thanks. Moe
  2. thank you for all of your immediate responses. eek. that's what i was afraid of...her having to report it. I read somewhere that they only had to report it if they had the name of the perp. Is that true? because i truly don't know his name, or anything about him. Not that i would turn him in anyway, but i don't know. But does anyone know if it is REQUIRED to tell my mom? that's what i'm really afraid of. I thought that since I was also involved with my teacher outside of school, (the community swim team) that there might somehow be a loop-hole, where she wouldn't have to say anything...at least not to my mom. What would happen if she did report it? Like, what would it include? Would any legal action have to be taken? Thanks so much for your responses girls.
  3. hey everyone, i'm new here, but i have a question. I was raped on vacation a year and 3 months ago, and the other day, i just told 2 of my closest friends for the first time. They are the ONLY people who know about it, and they are trying to get me to tell an adult. I don't think telling my mom would be a good idea, because she totally flipped out when i told her about my eating disorder. She was mad at me for it, and told me to "get over it" so she is the last person i want to tell because i think she'll have a similar reaction. We think our swim coach (for both the school, and the community teams) would be the person to tell because she is also teaches about rape/SA. I've read some posts about telling a teacher about molestation and SA from a family member/somebody they knew, but i'm wondering if she'll have to report my incident to anyone. The thing is that i have no idea who it was that did it, and i've never seen him before or after the rape (because we were on vacation). So would she have to report it to anyone? and if so, would she have to tell my mom? Does anyone know if she'd have to tell my mom? thank you so much.
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