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    Welcome! I wish you all the best, Rhea
  2. Hi and welcome! AS has been my only support for two years now. A large gap inbetween lol. This place and people have been wonderful to me. I hope that you find the support you are looking for here. All my best, Rhea
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    Welcome to AS! Rhea
  4. Thank you. Ive thought of all of you very often. its been a long ride and a hard one. long story to share. Its made me a stronger person though..and a better mother. My mom and I are speaking again...a choice I made for my son to have his family in his life. She is actually on her way up to canada..driving right now. she will be staying with us for the next month or so. should be interesting. Strength and courage. Hugs to all of you. rhea (((((found))))) and (((whim)))
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    Welcome sunflower. There is a lot of pain in this world. But we are here to join hands and walk through it together. I wish you all the best. Here for support anytime. Rhea
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    Welcome. hope you find the support you need here. After silence has helped me through a lot. Rhea
  7. Hello. Its been forever since Ive been on the site. I hope all of you are doing alright. My son and I are now living together in a 2 bedroom townhouse. Safe. I had to give my 2 dogs to other ppl that are taking exellent care of them. I have met a man that I am seeing and serious with now. He has two kids of his own...the lttle boy is 3 just like my son. We smile everyday and laugh. There are those moments and days that I cry and remember everything. We survive. We can all truly live though too. Sometimes its hard to see the beauty when the darkness seems to overwelm life itself. Anyhow. I am back and have the net up and running finally in our new home. My best to ALL of you. Rhea
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    New Here

    [hi caity... welcome to AS, nice to meet you. I understand being nervous. We are here to share and I hope you find the comfort I have found in AS. Welcome, Rhea
  9. Welcome to AS. I've found this to be a wonderful place filled with amazing ppl. Take care, Rhea
  10. Welcome Jenna! I hope that you will get everything you are looking for here. I stand by and am here to chat whenever I can. Rhea
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    Hey and welcome. You are not alone here. We all have our individual battles and stories, but one thing we can have in common is being there for one another , even just to listen. My best Rhea
  12. Hello and Welcome !! Rhea
  13. Today I stayed in comfies all day long and slippers and a robe too. It was great.
  14. I think the only way to make it stop coming back is to deal with it completly and face it with patience and understanding that it wasnt our fault and that we are safe now, untouchable. I wish the best for you. I know how difficult flashbacks n all can be. take care, Rhea]
  15. Hi and welcome. im new too. I have so much of an issue with trusting ppl but I am trying to work on that and thats all we can do. Hear to listen and be supportive in any way I can. Take care
  16. Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome.
  17. Just wanna say hello to everyone. I have bben diagnosed with DID about 5 years ago. I stopped T wen I moved up here to Canada. That was 4 years ago. I have just started T again...well really i just met her and starting some T she thinks will help this week. Look forward to getting to know you. Take care
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