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  1. good to hear i am not the only one! I like to play WoW too, but i only get to play when i am at my parents house on my bro's computer. I have gone through many, don't play any right now or i would NEVER pass a class in college haha Ragnarok is my favorite, Diablo, Starcraft, Neverwinter Nights..to name the few i really got into
  2. thanks, i like it too. It has always been my name for the MMROPG games i play (guilty pleasure don't judge haha) suprisingly many times it isn't taken!
  3. Just thought i would say hi to make myself feel like less of a creeper Thats it for now, i'm sure i will warm up to you all, this seems like an amazing place, just kinda weird to me right now. Peace and Love
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