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  1. I'm not sure it would work for people who are getting things popping up on their computers saying they have a new email, but for people just nervous to check their emails because there might be one from here- Most email systems have the option of filtering, which means you can send emails from a certain member right to a certain folder.. So you could send them to an "After Silence" folder or something, and it would show that there's a new page in that folder, but it won't be in your inbox, so it would be more discreet. As for the ones who get actual pop ups, it might help with that too if it's
  2. I'm glad you're back! I missed you.
  3. Any word or more information on if the changes were on purpose or by accident, and if they can be changed back?
  4. when I read the description "You are not alone in your battle with love, relationships and intimacy issues. Please use this forum to reach out to others who can relate." I didn't think to look for certain things about non relationship issues either, and also maybe there could be sub forums- One for relationships and things related, and one to.. Self pleasure issues or something? Just so it's easier to find the topic you might be looking for.
  5. Glad she's doing ok! Tell her to get better soon.
  6. Hey Kristyn, You've definitely found the right place for support and understanding- Though I'm sorry you don't get any from home. I hope finding this place helps you on your road to recovery.
  7. twich


    Hey, lilchan. Welcome to the boards! You said you weren't really sure where to start... I started by doing alot of reading on the site and forum and I'm going from there. You've definitely found a really great place for help and support.
  8. Welcome to the site! It's a great place and very supportive. I know coming here will help you in your road to recovery.
  9. Hey, I'm new too and I know exactly how it feels to go one day almost not even knowing about it to having it suddenly all flood into your mind.. There isn't an erase button... But I think the best thing to do in situations like this, if you're ready enough, is to admit what went on and start the healing process. This site seems like a really supportive and safe place to be. Good luck with your healing.
  10. Hi everyone, In all honesty I'm not entirely sure what I'm here for yet... I cam across this forum while doing some research to what I'm going to say is a hypothetical situation right now cause I guess that's how far I've come to anything at this point in time. Anyway, I'm looking forward to learning, helping, and possibly moving forward at some point. I think this is a great idea for a forum, thank you for having it.
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