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  1. Thanks you folks have been so supportive to me, I love you all x
  2. Hey there Vladimir, how are you doing? Welcome to AS, I just joined today and I am finding the forum very good as well. Hope we can chat again sometime, i'm here as another male if you need me.
  3. Very well said Becky! Welcome to AS Sandy...my favorite part about AS is finding out that I was not alone. Its made a huge difference in my life and in my healing process. tvgc (take very good care) Callie utvgc as well Callie lol x
  4. Thanks Found for your lovely welcome. Also another BIG HELLO to all xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Thanks again Michelle, I will get on chat soon as I cant shut up sometimes lol so I will be posting a lot most times x
  6. Thanx I hope to try and get my head sorted out if it ever can x
  7. Hey there my name is Sandy and I am 32 years old and I live in Wolverhampton now but I am from Scotland. I was sexually abused by friends when I was 9 years old. It was like a sort of gang, and I was told that they would kill me if I told anyone. It has effected me badly as I started staying in and piling on the weight so that people would think I was ugly and not do it again. Also "maybe" as a result, I am not a openly gay man who cant seem to handle how to get a relationship. Anyway hope your all well and I hope so speak with you all soon. Sandy xoxoxoxox
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