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  1. I Need To Talk More.

    Hey, welcome. Sorry for what brought you here but this site will hopefully be of some help to you. Take care. Bee.
  2. Posted Twice

    Thank you. Is it possible for you to delete the other one. I don't think I should have posted it at all?
  3. If you accidentally post a topic twice is there a way to delete one of them? Thank you. Bee.
  4. Hi

    Hello and welcome.
  5. Hello To All You Survivors

    Hello and welcome. I am sorry for what has brought you to AS. I hope everything goes well with the change. If you ever want to talk just pm me.
  6. Hello

    Hello and welcome. Yes, quite scared but the people here are very friendly and understanding. I understand what you mean by acting strong and "healed". You are not alone and I hope this site can help you.
  7. N00b

    Hi and welcome. Take your time telling your story. Sometimes people tell it in parts or not at all for a while. See you 'round.
  8. Hello and thank you. To everyone.
  9. Hello. Thank you. It is a few lines out of one of my favorite songs, 1000 words. It is nice to meet you.
  10. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I was going out with some people tonight but I didn't really want to go, I then found out they wanted to go to a park and get drunk. I was very uncomfortable with this so I worked up the courage to tell then I wasn't going to go with them. Instead I watched the women's tennis final, it was quite a good match.
  11. And 'ado To You!

    Hi Cami. Welcome to AS. Hope to see you around. Take care.
  12. Newbies Welcome to you too. Thank you RoniRN.
  13. Hi Sunshinee and ShoePanda. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  14. Thank you Lynn, Whimsical, Hellion, Aperson, Jenna and Nightlight. You all have made me feel very welcome here, your kind words, advice and support are very appreciated.