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  1. hey ashley i'm 25 and wanting to meet other people who have had simlar experiences i am not sure how to use these kinds of sights Hey. I'm Chrissie and I am 25. I am not new to this site but I guess it's here for you to use as you need to. I have never used it very much until recently but I have always felt glad to be able to if I needed to-it was just good to know that it was there. I used it early on to post messages about how I was feeling at the time because I knew people could relate to what I was saying when the people closest to me couldn't. Then I didn't come on here for months. And
  2. I'm finally finding the courage to use this site properly as I'm finding it harder and harder to talk to the people closest to me. I'm 24 and I suppose I'm in some sort of recovery, although it doesn't always feel like it much. It's just a quick introduction really, not much to say just now.
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