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    Defining who I am separate and apart from what was done to me, and becoming a woman I can honor and respect. Getting the voices in my head to stop and being able to change the tape that plays from "back in the day."<br /><br />Also reading and cooking.

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  1. It's the late evening of Tuesday January 20th and I didn't get to the computer til now...am exhausted but took time to log on to this site, and having read your kind and welcoming words, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out with encouraging words and reminded me that I'm not alone. My appt. with the therapist has been moved to Thursday instead of tomorrow but I'm ok about it; I can get through til then especially with the support I am receiving here. Bless you all. Sherry
  2. I found this website yesterday morning after waking up from a series of very disturbing flashback of events from my childhood. Initially I felt alone, at 4:30 AM, wondering what to do and where to go for comfort, advice...too early to call and friend, and what to say anyway? A warm bath and hot cup of tea helped a bit, but finding this website and just reading entries of people who have been abused and are finding a way to accept the truth and survive was/is a huge gift. Despite intensive therapy during most of 2006, I finally this afternoon made a phone call and got an appt. with a therapi
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