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    I like color guard and reading and music and hanging out with my friends and Law & Order: SVU (ohh Stabler). I like texting and playing rock band and animal crossing. I like listening to the radio, oh oh, the radio. I like talking and hearing people talk. I like MexiCoke and the bubble gum Jones Soda. I like my camera and taking pictures and decorating my room and dancing like an idiot. I like Stephenie Meyer and the creation of Twilight was amazing. I like re-reading my favorite books thousands of times. I like to read Ella Enchanted, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Host, and all the Harry Potter Books. I like fun pop songs that make you smile. I like to make people smile and I hope that before I die I can change someone's life for the better.

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  1. "There's only one thing, two (or to) do, three words, four (or for) you, I love you." It's from 1234 by The Plain White Tees. It makes me happy.
  2. Today I plan to exercise my cheek muscles and smile. Things have been getting easier since I have been posting here and I feel like I should celebrate. And I plan on indulging in a Harry Potter Movie Marathon! Heck to the yes!
  3. This is something said to me by someone who didn't know about the situation. I was really depressed and a friend of mine said this: "Hey. Cheer up silly. Things could be worse. I mean you could have been raped or something." Yeah. My friends are silly. Something else the same friend said to me was: "You remind me of Eeyore from Winnie the Poo. Maybe we should pin the tail on the donkey with tacky glue instead. Then you will have a paper tail hanging from your butt. Yes I just called you a donkey. You silly silly donkey." She's an interesting type person. Even if she does say things tha
  4. Thanks guys! I'm glad to meet you all! :] I'm reading New Moon and I'm really into the whole book thing but that's off topic. You guys make me feel like I feel when I'm reading anything by Stephenie Meyer so thanks. :]]]
  5. Thanks! I tend to be like that all the time. It might get annoying. It's time to ride off into the sunset with Elliot Stabler. Laters.
  6. Hey. I'm Wendy. I'm new and it's freezing in this room. >_< I really hope I can be able to help people while I'm here. I'm sort of nervous to comment and stuff because I'm afraid of saying that bad or wrong thing but I hope I can help. I'm defiantly 17 years old and my favorite color is yellow closely fallowed by hot pink and neon green. When I type I do it fast and I mess up a lot so hot ends up being hat and noodles will be poodles. I'm an awkward turtle and I have Peter Pan on speed dial. I say, "Why so sullen Edward Cullen?" a lot more than I really sure and I love the existence
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