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  1. Welcome to AS hun. I hope that you find AS helpful and that you find the support you are seeking. ((HUGS))
  2. I looked at this again today... the first time I read this I was certain I was a victim ... today I am a survivor... I have come so far in just a short period of time... I hope that someday I can truly thrive.
  3. Some day I regret it... if only because I am scared of what the future holds... my mother is standing by my abuser... I do not know if we will get a conviction... but in the end I know that I have gained so much more from reporting... I was isolated from my family before, but know I have them all back in my life. My case is one of the fortunate ones... I have a large support system, friends, family, and a wonderful husband... and the people I am working with in the legal system are very confident and supportive. I have not gone to trial yet, that is next week. While I am very scared, I know that no matter what happens I at least tried. That is what it came down to for me... if I did not report would he hurt one of his students? Would he steal away my own children's innocence? Would he come after me again someday? I was scared that he would hurt someone else, and I knew no matter how much it hurt me to report and lose my mom, I could not live with myself if some other child had to go through what I am going through.
  4. Hey hun, I see a lot of people have already told you that you are not alone in doing this, but I thought I would tell you again. I seek out triggers as well. I feel the need to talk about it and talk about it some more (only to safe people though). I think it is just a way of dealing. Of trying to understand what happened. Like if we trigger ourselves enough or talk about it enough maybe we will understand why they did what they did to us. Just know it is normal, and if you feel it nessecary, and it is not hurting you, keep doing what you are doing. But. even though sometimes it hurts, I still trigger myself on purpose. :hug:
  5. Great Post! Very helpful! Sadly I call myself a survivor... and I WANT to say I am all those things in the survivor column, but the sad truth is I am still very much a victim, but I guess wanting to be a survivor is the first step
  6. Thank you so much Azazo. Love your turtle avatar btw. Made me smile. (edit): I'm going to post my story...
  7. Thank you. I have my story typed out, its short and several details are missing... so I'm still scared to post it because I dont know what people with think or say, though I want to. Its shameful and disgusting to me. I'm at a point where I'm finally angry and I dont know where to go from there.
  8. Hi... I'm new here and still very much unsure of what to say or whether or not to share my story, or what I am expecting out of sharing or not sharing and finally confronting everything thats happened. I belive I'm just scared to share because my case wasn't just an isolated event and it wasnt a stranger. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone. My name is Marie, and I'm 19. Hopefully I'll get the strength to start healing soon.
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