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  1. I can't work. I'm on the permenant sick. I am a mum to a 4-year-old daughter. I share that reponsibility with my mum. Because of my uncontrolled epilepsy and IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) which causes some LOVELY stomach problems I need a bit of extra help. *Sighs and shrugs* Such is life
  2. Welcome to AS. I hope you find what you need here.
  3. Welcome to After Silence.
  4. 28. 30 isn't far away. A scary thought
  5. Hi Barsik. Welcome to the world of After Silence. Your memories sound very full and confusing. You have taken a very brave step in coming here to try and make sense of it all and figure it out. I don't understand your mum's reaction to groups like this. We are all very supportive of one another and always try to keep an open mind. I met my best friend through this very site. Something for which I am extremely grateful. Good luck in your search, Barsik. I hope you find the answers you seek, be they good, bad or indifferent.
  6. I was abused for a long time by my dad. When my mum found out what my dad had done to me and several others she felt incredibly guilty for not knowing but at the same time provided unending support for me. She still does.
  7. Wanda1234


    Hi Charlene. Welcome to After Silence.
  8. Wanda1234


    Hi Jillian. Welcome to after silence.
  9. Hi FT. Welcome to after silence
  10. Hi Kimberly. Welcome to After Silence
  11. You made the first step Mary. That isn't a bad thing. Carry on being strong.
  12. The only time I can remember ppl saying anything cruel or unusual to me was the other day when my mum's b/f came in from a night of drinking with a family friend. A t.v programme had upset me and I told them so. My mum's b/f, hardly Mr Sensitivity, scoffed at me, turned around and said "Why don't you talk to somebody". He meant a consellor, I suppose, but at that moment in time I lost my temper. I stood there and shouted at him "Would it help to have some details!" And proceeded to give him some details. I hated him at that point in time. I don't think I'll ever forget that one. The famil
  13. I should have done this yesterday. I posted in another forum yesterday. I only found this site thanks to an internet search engine. I didn't even know they existed. Anyway, I'm Wanda, from England, aged 27, 1 daughter who is 3. I also have a tendancy to waffle on a bit I have epilepsy, ibs (irritable bowel syndrome), depression and, of course, my past. Although my abuse ended 8 years ago I'm no where near over it. I can talk to my family about it and they are or do try to supportive, the majority of the time I get "Go to counselling, Wanda". Tried that. Not doing it again. I'm not say
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