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  1. I don't think I've gone a full day since it happened 3 (almost 4?) years ago. But the fact that it's even been that long astounds me. And it doesn't hurt the way it did. It's just this thing that happened, now. It bothers me more at certain times than others, but it's very much like a scar that has healed--always reminded, but not usually painful anymore unless I dwell on it. This year was the first year I actually pretty much forgot about it on my anniversary, which happens to be New Years. I was so surprised when I realized that, that I wrote an entry about it in my journal. As a recent commercial says, "It gets better." It really does, in a way that seemed impossible only a year or two ago.
  2. Yikes She's Back!

    Welcome back Tulip. ^_^
  3. New Member

    Welcome, and I hope we can help.
  4. "after Silence"

    After Silence gave me a place to voice thoughts I was almost too scared to even think for a long time. In the safety and acceptance of this place, I was able to work through a lot of the ambiguities that tortured me about my situations. Thank you.
  5. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    It's my fault. Not yours.
  6. Please Read, An Apology

    Thanks for your words, and thanks for being a support to your girlfriend. Welcome to After Silence.
  7. Tramatic, Really?

    Welcome to After Silence.
  8. Husband Of An Amazing Survivor

    Welcome to After Silence.
  9. We're glad to help, and there's no time limit. Welcome to our community.
  10. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I blew off my readings for tomorrow. Which will suck when I have to catch up on all of them in the wee hours before class in the morning. >> Come on, snow, don't fail me now.
  11. African Merican Men Surviving Sexual Abuse

    Thank you for posting this. I'm glad that you are working through it and finding peace. I do think that more men should be allowed to volunteer and support rape victims, especially because when a man is raped or molested he, just like a woman, might prefer to receive support from a member of his own sex. It's very hard for men who want to volunteer to get in though, unfortunately. But I'm glad those women gave you the support and care you needed.
  12. The idea itself doesn't sound bad. I'm just terrified of people hearing my voice. >>
  13. Glad I Found This Site

    Hi blondewitch, welcome to AS. It's hard to know the length of the road you'll walk, but I do believe you can recover and "put it into perspective," as you say. We will help, we'll answer questions and share our experiences with you.
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    Hey there!
  15. Hello

    Welcome and thanks for sharing with us. We hope you can confide in and lean on us.