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  1. After standing on my own two feet for a while, I have come back because I feel I need some support right now, just some comfort even with a place to feel that I can be myself. I hate feeling this way hurt
  2. Havent been in here for a while, i thought i would return coz in need of support at the moment,
  3. I was only using here for support for a short while. Things have changed and I am now n need of support again so have decided to come back. So hi to everyone who remembered me, and hi to those who dont....... hurt
  4. to my brother: why F*ck up my life? to my grandfather: worm food, rot in hell to my rapist: thanks for ruining my life arsehole
  5. hurt09


    im new to this too!
  6. hurt09


    Just to say hello, nervous and scared to be honest but hope to settle down soon. hurt
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