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    I’ll seek you out, <br />Flay you alive <br />One more word and you won’t survive <br />And I’m not scared of your stolen power <br />I see right through you any hour <br /><br />I won’t soothe your pain <br />I won’t ease your strain <br />You’ll be waiting in vain <br />I got nothing for you to gain <br /><br />I’m taking it slow <br />Feeding my flame <br />Shuffling the cards of your game <br />And just in time <br />In the right place <br />Suddenly I will play my ace

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  1. Aww...no ones sick of you! I know I'm not...I quite like you actually
  2. "no offence but you were drinking and that kinda makes you look sl*tty" umm...WHAT...so anyone who drinks ever is a sl*t? a now former friend after I accidentally texted something to them instead of my brother about when I was little "You need to shut up about that. I know tons of people who were raped it's not that bad" yes it is!!! "You just want to be popular so you're saying they raped you to make it seem like they wanted to have sex with you" just now some girl who's dating one of the guys...about the gang rape last year...which was done by "popular" guys "well gay guys usually s
  3. KitK


    Hi! Welcome back to AS
  4. I kind like the teen idea...
  5. Well hello there... Welcome to AS!
  6. KitK


    Hello everyone, I'm not really sure what to say about myself so... My name is Kit (People call me Mittens because it rhymes with kittens...Which is not my name), I am in fact male, I'm 17 years old and a I'm a Junior in highschool. I like to write and I love to read. Umm... if you look at my avatar it's a picture of me and my boyfriend Jake (I'm on the left with the lip ring and Jake is the sleepy one) So that's all I can really think of. So... Hi!
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