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  1. hello and welcom, I hope you do find what you need here
  2. from another u.k mummy of two, to another.... and lots of safe I am new here too........ so hopefully get to know you along the way.... I also have an angel, he has been an angel for 10 yrs now..... I understand, take your time untill you are ready!!
  3. Hi and welcome and I am new here too, look forward to getting to know you. You sound like such a strong person to have made it this far and I admire you for that....
  4. thank you too you all for your welcomes and hugs, I look forward to getting to know you all, I am a little confused as to where to start, and who is who? if you know what I mean but I am sure I will find out.....
  5. ...and thought I would say hello! My name is Isi, I am 27yrs old (female). I was recomended this site on a different website - forum for which I am truly grateful for. I have read some posts and everyone here seems really supportive and understanding - Something I definately need at the moment....
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