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  1. Hey there! Super glad that you are here at AS. I sure hope you get as much as you possibly can out of this website. It can be a real blessing!
  2. Annerz


    So glad you made the post! Welcome to AS!
  3. beautiful introduction Eve. Glad to have you here! :]
  4. Hey there!! Welcome to AS!! Glad you're here
  5. Hey there!! Glad you posted an introduction thinger. Now I get to say Hello! I happen to think this place is pretty groovy and I am sure you'll dig it as well. Have a wonderful day and welcome to AS.
  6. Thanks for all the welcome guys! I am really glad my personality is coming out in the things that I am posting! I hope to get to know you all. It is really groovy to have found this site. It is totally rad that oui gave a hug and added 'if it's okay'. I mean just because... idk not too many people ask. I think it is groovy nontheless. btw I totally over use out of date slang.... and the word amazing. :D also, am I allowed to post the URL for the myspace page here or had I ought to PM anyone that asks about it?
  7. So I guess I came after you, but I am still going to welcome you! hah!! This is my first day with this thinger and I totally found it the same way you did. Sort of I mean, I was specifically looking for a place where I could chat with people so yeah, the same way. Did you use google? I did!! :D hah. Anyhow, I totally dig this forum jazz already. I think there are some pretty groovy people here!!
  8. i totally dig your user name, sunshinee. I used to be called sunshine at one of my jobs.... I do smile a lot. haha. I am really pumped to get to know people here, as well. I am always looking forward to helping others, and well I don't think I would feel completely out of place gaining some help for myself as well.
  9. thanks a bundle ya'll!! I'm thinkin bout checkin out the story forum, but I'm not sure if I am diggin' that today. sometimes I get sick of my story. haha.
  10. Hey! I am AnnaMarie... I am uncommonly upbeat, sometimes. Especially when I am hmmm not sure about something. hah. :D I'm pretty pumped about finding this sight. It is a very groovy idea. Not only do I like the idea for myself, but I run a myspace page that just deals with general teen issues so it will be cool to suggest this sight to some of the people I come across. Now, I am not the shy sort of person, not in person, not online, not in front of a crowd. I think Im pretty bold and outgoing. However, I must admit somehow, just a friendly introduction here makes me nervous. Oh my oh my! haha
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