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  1. I have to definitely say, the warm welcome is more than encouraging. Last year, I joined a different forum out there that I won't name. There was a thread where people were asked to tell their story, so I did. The responses I got were negative, judgemental, and very critical. I never returned to that site again. Even my welcome post wasn't a good experience. So let's just say I feel already that I've gotten off on the right foot and I think this could be the place for me. Most likely I will tell my story on the 'tell your story' page, soon. I'm finding the more I share, the less chaotic I fe
  2. I don't know....I registered here because...some days I have a bad day dealing with a rape that happened 20 years ago. Other days I have a wonderful day. Today wasn't one of those wonderful days really, and I'm hoping by coming here, I can start having more good days than bad. You know how it is, you feel so alone, but a snap back to reality remembering there are others out there who understand. Having people around me who 'get it'. That IS comforting, ya know. I'm not sure what else to say....guess I've got to get to know you some first, right ? So, here I am =)
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