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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie too, and totally get what you mean.
  2. Welcome, like you I'm new too, but it's a great site.
  3. ALL VERY VERY much. I've been made to feel so welcome here and am glad that I have a chance to make some new friends who I don't have to pretend with and also friends that I hopefully can give back something to as well. Though there are people that are empathetic that haven't been through our experiences, there is such a richness of communication and understanding among those of us who have.
  4. Thank you for your very kind replies and welcomes, will hopefully feel as brave as all of you and be able to share a bit more of my story and struggles over time-still all very new, but am amazed at everyones bravery and courage in posting their own stories. This feels like a safe space in a horribly unsafe world.
  5. I'm really new here too, but just wanted to say hi
  6. Thanks for your replies, they are much appreciated, it's nice to feel welcomed so quickly, and already helping me to feel comfortable about findng a space on here for myself.
  7. Hi all, REALLY nervous as this site is MUCH bigger than I thought it might be. I'm 42 and found a link to this site from one here in the UK. Just putting my date of birth in a different format threw me! Anyway, although I hate there to be a need for sites like this, I'm REALLY grateful there are. I hope I can find my way around!
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