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  1. Thank you everyone. Its been tough the past few months, especially with my sister. I love her and fear something may have happened to her as well, she just doesnt remember anything. But everytime I try to talk to her about him, she just gets mad and changes the subject. Now the wedding coming up, I'm afraid she may have to choose who to have in that wedding, because I can't see him. It's not going to be easy.
  2. Hi. My name is Kelly. I recently started therapy because I was having nightmares and flashbacks. The flashbacks were of my father raping me when I was 8 years old. However I am 20 now and did not even recall it. My therapist told me it's the brain's natural reaction to block it out, especially a child's. My father went to Florida and stopped contact when I was 13 and he recently came back into town two years ago. Now my sister is getting married and she wants my father involved. I can't even see him now that I realized what he has done to me, possibly to others. What can I do? I've already told my sister and she told me nicely that she doesn't believe me. I may have to ask her to choose between me or him, because I cannot see him at that wedding.
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