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    Reading, watching TV and films, bowling, swimming, listening to music, tattoos, time with friends, drinking.

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  1. Thank you @Capulet that means so much to me and it's really something that spaces like this exist
  2. Hey there, Hope this finds you well. I'm Poison and it has been years since I was active on here but I'm back now. I have been doing life things, bounced about for a bit and then settled into a career. I have a strong, positive and stable relationship and some good friends. It's not all rosy (else I wouldn't be back lol) and I think that the boards here could be positive. So hello, I'm looking forward to being active on here again x
  3. Welcome to AS I am sorry to hear that you are recovering memories like that and I hope you find being here helps. Be kind to yourself
  4. Poison

    I'm New

    Hello everyone, I look forward to talking with you as well This place already seems more welcoming and safe than other forums I've been on before.
  5. Why did you pick me? Why do you deny it?! You're scum of the earth. F*ck off, let me heal.
  6. Poison

    I'm New

    Thanks for the welcome everyone
  7. Heya, I'm Carole and I am 19 years old. I'm in my first year of a psychology undergraduate degree and have been looking for somewhere like this for ages. I look forward to getting to know you all!
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