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    writing, listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with my best friends, hanging out and doing services with my DPH sisters, reading (esp. psychology books), art... painting, drawing, etc., going out and about, walking in the snow where the air is cold and fresh, taking joy rides by myself with my FAV music blaring, COFFEE, and more!!!!!

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  1. juleskw


    ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) you are NEVER alone!
  2. juleskw


    Welcome to the board Hellion. I hope you begin to feel comfortable enough around here to start posting and if not, feel free to read, that always helps as well. Thats what I did at first. <3 Jules
  3. juleskw


    hey you welcome to AS. I know we talked a bit earlier on chat so I look forward to seeing you around more and more. Kepp your chin up hun, you are a survivor!!! <3 Jules feel free to pm me at anytime!
  4. Im pretty new as well so welcome to the family. I already feel like I belong here, so thanks everyone. But I am so glad you have found us and I hope you continue to heal because you are DEF a survivor babe! <3 Jules
  5. Its so awesome to hear that you are looking for an outlet/ people who know how you feel. Welcome to the board love! <3 jules
  6. welcome to AS Jackie! I agree with you.... some days are ok and you dont think about what happens or what happened to you and then there are those days when you just feel like its the end of the world or that you just want to die because of what happened to you because it still haunts you. Cant wait to get to know you better. Feel free to PM me or message me on AIM anytime. <3 Jules
  7. Hey Lindz, Welcome to AS. Im pretty new to the board as well. Feel free to PM me anytime!!! <3 Jules
  8. Hey Duffy! Welcome to AS and im always around to PM if you need anything. <3 Jules
  9. juleskw


    I just wanted to thank everyone for all the amazing welcomes! I definitely needed them. Thanks again to everyone and I look forward to getting to know everyone. <3 Jules
  10. hi TeachingwithHope I guess I am just as apprehensive as you. I know how you feel in many ways. Feel free to message me at anytime and know you are not alone. I know what it is like to not be able to tell your story quite yet, but at least you are taking the initiative to come to the board and join.... it shows courage and strength. <3 Jules
  11. juleskw


    Hi everyone.... My name is Julie and well... Im trying to become a survivor. Im a college student at MU in PA, USA. As many, if not all of us, Im terrified from day to day, so im glad to finally find a place that I can hopefully find somewhat of an outlet and hope. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and give a "thank you" to every beautiful and courageous person on this board before I even start to read and post. <3 Jules
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