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  1. Hi and welcome You will always find help and support here. Take your time and find your way. Take good care
  2. Hi and Welcome Those are two things that you will find plenty of here, support and wisdom. I was in a similar situation to you but broke my silence 8 months ago, it has been a life changing revelation and one for the better I might add :-) If I can help in any way just drop me a line. Take good care of yourself while you find your way.
  3. Cazzagirl


    Hi Ashli and welcome You will find the help and support here from people who do understand and who aren't just here to get a 'kick' out of this sort of stuff. Take care
  4. Welcome Take your time, you will figure out what you want to say and know when the time is right to say it. You have taken the first and hardest step by even leaving a post, that alone takes courage. Take care
  5. Hi and welcome. It is a scary time but you have taken the first step. Just share what you want when you want and you will receive the help and support of some pretty amazing people. Take care
  6. Hi Welcome Take your time and say what you want when you feel ready to say it. Seems to me that there a lot of people here who will listen and help and support you all they can. Be sure to take good care of yourself.
  7. Hi Everyone I was raped 13 years ago and only found the courage to tell someone about 8 months ago. It has been a long, difficult journey but I know there is hope. It is good to know that I am not alone. Caz
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