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  1. is wanting her stomach to settle

  2. Hey Lillybug, I love your name! Welcome to AS! WiTt
  3. Bizzy


    Hey cowboyup, Welcome to AS! WiTt
  4. Hey thenextstep Welcome to AS! WiTt
  5. Hey Tnutz, Welcome to AS! WiTt
  6. Hey onbrokenwings, Welcome to AS! WiTt
  7. Hey Blackpetal, Welcome to AS! WiTt
  8. Hey Rio, Welcome to AS! Hope you are finding your way around the boards alright, You are not alone. WiTt
  9. Hey Anneliese, Welcome to AS! Hope your finding you way around the boards ok, I am really courious though, what are your dogs' and cat's name? WiTt
  10. Hey alithesurvivor. Welcome to AS!! Hope your finding your way around the board. WiTt
  11. Bizzy


    Hey Dylan, Welcome to AS! If you need any help around the boards, don't be afraid to ask. WiTt
  12. Hey QuietEmily Welcome to AS! WiTt
  13. Hey Liz! Welcome to AS! WiTt
  14. Hey Katie Welcome to AS! You are not alone! WiTt
  15. Hey Abby, Welcome to AS!! WiTt
  16. Hey Bootleg! Welcome to AS! WiTt
  17. Hey Bootleg! Welcome to AS! WiTt
  18. Hey Emma! Welcome to AS! WiTt
  19. Bizzy

    Hey :)

    Hey Lisa, Welcome to AS! WiTt
  20. Hey Savemethewaltz Welcome to AS! WiTt
  21. Hey silenteyez Welcome to AS! WiTt
  22. Hey Summerwoods, Welcome to AS! WiTt
  23. Hey Nikki, Welcome to AS, I hope you find it helpful. Don't feel pressured to share your story, only you will know when you are ready. One of the things I love about AS, is knowing that it is always here. Everyone here is very supportive. You know where to find me if you ever need to talk. :hug: (kinda addicted to the peace dude)
  24. Bizzy


    Hey Kat, Welcome to AS!
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