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  1. Thank you everyone for your support... Sandy Bee
  2. I am a victim of Date Rape. Aug 2007 I was out on a date with a man I formally had a business meeting with two days prior. I got asked out for drinks, "and let’s get to know one another" type of deal - during this evening I was encourage to take a Viagra. I was a little tippy, and said No with my response being "that is to make your di*k hard." We drank some more, he indorsed Viagra, telling me it would make me feel good. At bar close I ended up taking the Viagra, and offering him a Concerta as sign of kindness? (I had about Ten Beers.) The rest of the evening was filled with confusion, but I thought I had control. He took me to a dirty old bookstore in town, where he had his office, said it would be a nice place to chat. He tried to kiss me and refused, I told him I would not have sex with him, he might have AID. He then told me he probably does! He then asked me if I would like to go watch the sunrise, I said ok, it was on the way home. When we got to the lake, we sat on a huge rock right of shore, he asked me if we could coddle? I let him sit behind me; we talked about how beautiful the sun rise was and about us getting married??? We stood up and were about to start heading home, when he grabbed me and tried to kiss me. I pushed him a way. We got to my apartment, and he asked to use the bathroom, I said sure. We went inside and got to the top of the stair and he started kissing me. I remember my clothes coming off and tell him we can't have sex because I don't have any condoms, he replied back and said me either. It was all a blur, I was and still am confused, did I just have sex when I didn't want too? Is this Date Rape? Sandy Bee
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