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  1. I still can't search for my own effing posts. Am getting extremely frustrated! It's been like this for several WEEKS for me no matter how many times I delete cookies or whatever the hell it still does this and will not allow me to look at my own posts. Not cool. -.-"
  2. hmmmmmmmmm. i can kinda see your point, i dont necessarily agree with your reasoning but thats ok. we dont have to agree. thank you for respecting my opinion though, thats very appreciated! i think that *could* be reasonable, i just would want the mods to make sure and watch those threads very carefully because i wouldnt want both of those threads to turn into nothing but "i hate men" and "i hate women" rants when it really should be about working through that fear and mistrust.. does that make sense? maybe it would be a better idea to make a more general thread about working through f
  3. how would you feel if a whole site of male survivors made a thread about "fear/mistrust of females"? how would you(meaning everyone here) feel if a whole group of people were stereotyping you as a potential perpetrator just because of your gender? it'd make you feel pretty singled out and terrible, yes? *rapists* rape. it is NOT a gender specific crime, on the perpetrating side OR the victim/survivor side.
  4. i think someone already mentioned this so sorry to repeat things but one of the worst things for me is to mention it to someone and have them say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL.
  5. Fair enough footnote. I am in a position where I am able to take that fact for granted, but I suppose not everyone does. The idea is to quit projecting personal experience onto everyone and try not to generalize. I think it is also handy to just stay on topic. If a thread is about rape culture and how men might justify their abusive actions toward women, I find it kind of rude when someone feels the need to pipe up and say "WELL YOU KNOW NOT ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS AND SOMETIMES WOMEN ARE, SO THERE." Yeah. I know. It's a topic worth discussing on a different thread, which I'd be happy to consider
  6. i dont know if anyone remembers me but, just wanted to say a new HI :D to everyone and that im back from a much needed break. :flowers: x
  7. ashley-michelle, i've read that post you linked me to literally dozens of times. i've pm'd you about my concerns. x
  8. thank you for the explanation Lindy, i appreciate it. however, one point i'd like to make is that everyone on this board can bump their own threads back up to the top if they feel like nobody's seen them? i mean, it's really not that difficult to bump your thread back up if you see it getting pushed down by other topics. maybe i'm missing something but i just don't understand. we all have the same permissions here, and i dont understand why it would be so hard for a member to just bump their topic up if they want more replies? so why have these "rules" about the share your story forum when t
  9. hey all i think that corvidae has a really good point. i have actually always kind of wondered about the rules for Share Your Story..... it does not concern myself, i got done in one long post. but.... i think it is necessary that people be able to tell their stories in bits, whenever they feel ready. and i think this does not work so well bc the posts remain in the order of the original date. so if someone comes back after a month and keeps writing, it would not even be seen by most! that does not seem very encouraging. however, i do think it makes sense to not sort by last post but by
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